Kumi Paladin

Born the daughter of a family of knights, Alina comes from a martial household dedicated to serving their liege. Her parents both were knights in the capital of Cedoria, Nodrouburg, and she would have been expected to continue the family heritage and take up their calling had the War of Upheaval not broken out when she was 3, and her parents both lost in its early stages. Taken in by her grandfather, a respected but disliked paladin, she instead was a ward of the Paladins of the Shimmering Isles, almost collectively raised by the holy warriors sworn to the defense of Cedoria. Growing up under them instilled her with a desire to help those in need, and she found herself joining the actual apprentices in their daily training. By age ten, she was a squire to her grandfather and actually saw her first battlefield, the Battle of Sigruning, where her grandfather successfully repelled an Ebrian assault led by Aethelfrid, Earl of Uswal. Alina then participated in many battles over the course of the war, always as a squire assisting her grandfather ready for combat. When she reached age fifteen, she earned the honor of trying out for her own paladin calling, and almost achieved it when the capture of Ram's Lane happened and her grandfather and a significant number of high-ranked paladins were called away to Amathus to prepare for an invasion by the Ebrians led by Duke Osric. Telling her to stay behind and prepare for her paladin trial, her grandfather assumed it would be a simple defense of the wall against an overextended army. 

Alina was devastated when the news of the defeat of the paladins at Amathus reached her, something thought nearly impossible given the fortifications at Amathus and the vigilance of the paladins upon its walls. High Champion Alderim called for a halt to Alina's trial until they could repel the invaders. When he was slain the following day by Duke Osric in battle, her trial was indefinitely postponed and the Paladins of the Shimmering Isles collapsed and were nearly wiped out. 

During this time, Alina fled to the wilderness with some other recruits of the order, taking with them all they could of the paladins' relics and treasures to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. One of these was the journal of Alderim, and she began to read it in hopes of notes of where other paladins of the order could be found. In it, however, she found something that shook her to the core. 

With this secret, she learned how fragile the kingdom of Cedoria was, and if it was revealed it would lead to the destruction of the country. To that end, she swore to protect the secret and keep the kingdom save from the destruction the secret would unleash. She spent several years traveling from knight's estate to knight's estate, constantly trying to hone her skills under different teachers and participating in the war under a variety of aliases, each of which tried to shield civilians from the horrors going on around them. Eventually, near the war's end, she reunited with one of her fellow trainees, now known as Sir Orion, who had achieved his paladin-hood through the Order of the Elder Grove, an Ebrian order of paladins who had been banished from Ebria when the war started. Recognizing her and learning of her experiences, he introduced her to his superiors. All confirmed that she had met the requirements to be named a free-paladin and bestowed her with her new title, provided she continue to participate in the war until it's conclusion or her death. 

With the end of the war, Alina was officially confirmed as a free-paladin and released from her oath, with the thanks of the Order of the Elder Grove. Enjoying her freedom, Alina resolved to travel the country and continue her good deeds. As such, she wound up in Sothdale at a very critical time…

Name: Alina Kojo


Hermit-Life of Seclusion-6

Personality 7, Ideal 3, Bond 6, Flaw 6

Personal Goals 3, symbol 3, nemesis 1, temptations 3

Kumi Paladin

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